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My family makes stuff! Paintings, clothes, houses, boats, sculptures, machines, jewellery, etc…. I grew up with access to all of the art materials you could possibly want, and the encouragement to use them. Painting, sewing, plaster craft and puppet making were all on the agenda. Studying craft as a subject as part of my teaching degree introduced me to the joys of batik, leatherwork, and clay sculpture. Working with polymer clay and silk painting got thrown in somewhere.

Classes as an adult added wheel thrown pottery, silversmithing, felting and glass bead making. Where to stop? My first love is clay sculpture. I make whimsical caricatures of the myriad of birds and animals living in our beautiful natural environment. Some pieces are quite realistic, whilst others are completely fanciful. None of them are terribly serious, and they exist to make people smile.

Vintage Skookum Native American baby in a papoose doll

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Included are study notes of her part of the “Baby Take a Bow” lyrics, along with actual hand-written music sheet and lyrics of that part, that were used by the young performer in preparing for her break-out performance.

Love, Shirley Temple, Collector’s Book

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The Skookum dolls date back to and were produced until the s. Dolls such as this one with leather moccasins are some of the earlier.

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Skookum dolls, known worldwide for their Native American appeal, were the creation of Mrs. Mary McAvoy of Missoula, Montana.

Her request for a patent was filed on November 29, The patent was granted February 17, and from that day forward, Skookum Indian dolls were labeled. Some dolls, for no apparent reason, have a label on each foot. Dolls such as the squat sitters have the label fixed to the cotton covered base and some early mailers have a label on the back of the cardboard carrier.

Many labels were lost over the years as the glue that held them became brittle and dried out. In some cases the label, if it is an unusual or rare one, can add to the dolls value. Because Skookum Indian dolls were made for such a long period of time there were years when two to three labels may have been in simultaneous use. This seems to be the case particularly in the late teens through the s. The table below illustrates the Skookum Indian doll labels we have found to date.

Please note that the labels themselves were printed on a variety of colored papers including: tan, off white, red, light green, light blue, gray, pink, yellow, and orange. The examples below are references for the design and content of the label only. You may have the same labels in different colors. News Home.

Skookum doll

But what if the label is missing? The earliest dolls from the mid to late teens with apple heads had no feet at all and were constructed of simple blocks of wood serving as their base. This style continued into the early 20s when some rare apple heads had shoes made of composition. Later in the thirties, the traditional leather over wood moccasins were used on the last of the dolls made with dried apples. In the years when apple head dolls transitioned to composition masks, leather covered wooden feet were used exclusively.

The only known exceptions being the 10″ Skookum children with multi colored felt moccasins with bead decoration and female dolls with pueblo style white cotton wrapped leggings.

Ask almost any woman about her favorite childhood doll, and out of her including a Plains doll dating to the midth century; dolls made by Native In a way, Native Barbie was the cultural progeny of the Skookum doll.

A Skookum doll was a Native American themed doll, sold as a souvenir item in the early 20th century. Although considered collectible, they are not authentic Indian dolls, as they were designed and created by a white woman, and quickly mass-produced. Mary Dwyer McAboy , who was from Missoula , Montana , learned to carve apple head dolls as a child from her mother. Mary Dwyer had worked as a schoolteacher before marrying Frank E. McAboy in Her husband died of tuberculosis four years later, in Later that year, Mary McAboy began to market apple head dolls dressed in Indian costumes, and achieved rapid commercial success.

She publicized her growing business through western newspapers, and arranged a display at a women’s suffrage office in New York City , gaining press coverage there. She had difficulty processing large numbers of apples, as excessive moisture led to rotting. She consulted with chemists at Montana State University in an attempt to control the problem.

But demand grew so rapidly that she moved to mass production techniques within a year, [2] and soon almost all of the doll heads were made out of composition. A product that began as women’s handicraft had rapidly shifted to factory production with mostly male workers.

Rare 1920s to Early ’30s Skookum Doll

Maria Martinez Historic Blackware Pottery. Native American Beaded Gauntlets. History of the Horse in North America. Antique Weather Vanes. Traditional Spearfishing. Artist and Photographer – Carl Moon.

dating: Centuryprovenance: IndiaTwo, in-the-round figures, made of wood, finely carved Pair of American Indian Skookum Dolls Native American Dolls, Native.

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Skookum dolls dating

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Vintage / Antique Wooden Peg / Penny / Dutch Doll with Clothes Wooden A gorgeous little tuckcomb wooden Grodnertal dating from She is just over 2 inches tall. Grouping of 4 Skookum Dolls: Lot Native American Baskets, Native.

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Dating before , Seminole and Miccosukee men carved dolls out of wood and clothed them in traditional Seminole and Miccosukee outfits to sell to tourists. It was taboo, however, to carve realistic dolls that resembled a specific person. The Seminole and Miccosukee believed that a realistic doll would bring harm to the person it looked like, as well as to the person who made it. Determining gender of a palmetto doll can be challenging to the casual viewer.

Female and male palmetto dolls are designed differently, but both are made with palmetto fibers. Male dolls are made with a round head and a square body that has attached limbs.

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In two British housewives began making plaster of Paris dolls for their children. Many in the Rouleau collection are now retired and no longer available. The Skookum Indian dolls are from Mrs. Growing up in Kansas City playing with Native American dolls was a frequent pasttime. The marionettes were made by Mrs. Hazele Harriet Rollins. She was born and raised in Kansas City and was a contemporary of Mrs.

She created over original puppet characters and at one time was the premier, world renowned marionette maker. The blue willow set is from Mrs. Both in quantity and quality of ceramic goods, this was a period of enormous creativity and productivity. Earlier methods of hand decorating plates and service pieces gave way to new techniques of creating a pattern, or cartoon, then transferring it to the surface of the piece and applying colored glazes.

This significantly speeded the process and made possible the duplication of a pattern upon an entire set of dinnerware. This increased production satisfied the desires of the rising of the English Middle Class. At Lairdland Farm House you will find a number of examples of English transfer ware dating from to

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